I have a current fresh offering from our seller that has an immediate inventory of Commercial Bank owned Florida NPNs with a strike price of 55-65% of current value,if you are a direct Buyer or have direct access to the Buyer and they have interest,then contact me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com

I have the offering on spreadsheet.Provide your contact name and e-mail address.

Don Carter

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Don,the Investor Group I am direct to,has a interest in this type of offering.Please send the spreadsheet my way and I will get back to you ASAP with a quote. My e-mail adress: kailimai.shane@gmail.com.
We are buyers of Commercial NPNs. We need to have direct access to the sellers/titleholders for it to work for us. If your projects don't fit our criteria, we have associates that might be interested as well. Please forward the speadsheet mentioned in your post to adhc23@msn.com.

Thank you.

Billy Clausen

Hi Bill,

I'll be in touch with you Monday, 12/27/2010, we may be able to do some business together.

Please contact tony@empirerealholdings.com if you have verified the assets are legitimate and real

Hi Don

 Have a buyer who is interested in buying storage facilities in Florida.Do you have any??


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