Accepting $5m minimum, no max orders for sfr, mf, office, retail, hotels, Industrial, storage and mixed assets and tapes

These are fresh assets, held for buyers orders
If interested, contact me for order form and NCND

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Dan,first of all,are you the the direct seller or sellers rep,none of my Buyers will deal with any broker chains,and will not pay outrageous broker fees,and we keep getting people telling us they are direct only to find out they are not,i have Buyers that are truly ready to provide LOIs and POF on real quality off-market product and what we are looking for right now is:

1)GA and NJ NPNs that are off-market and not shopped,have Bulk buyers

2)SFR discounted REOs in GA,FL,TX,TN,NY

If you have immediate inventory,a couple of my buyers would like to take down product before the end of this month also.

You can reach me at;

Don Carter

We are direct with several bank asset managers. No chains. Fees are relative to size and frequency of orders. Buyers are required to sign a MFA stating they will pay up to 5%, yet; I have never seen the fee over 3%. I have seen it lower for larger orders.

Usually we take orders and fill them accordingly, yet; some tapes have a way of surfacing on their own. One tape that comes to mind that seems to fit your criteria contains 143 sfr reos in FL for $6.2m. We may be able to expedite and close before the end of the year.

Trusting I answered your questions.
Inventory is huge

I will send you an email later today

text 703 717 2497


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