Available Bank owned Bulk SFH, Commercial Properties and Non-Performing Notes:

Greetings Commercial Real Estate Investors,


We are direct with Seller(s) and can provide custom specified (by area and property type) bulk SFH, Commercial Properties (various) and Non-performing note packages. If you are direct with BUYERS that are searching for product throughout the United States, we can help you in locating great properties that can meet your criteria. Our process begins by first finding out exactly what type of product/property you are interested in and the specific location(s). 

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Please contact me at terry_lance@hotmail.com. My buyers can proof up and send LOI. However, how far are you away from the seller. I ask that question because of alot of false representation is  on here.  Have your source closed a deal? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks
Get in touch with me tsmith@kingdombuildersfinancial.org


Please send me what you need to move forward I am the buyer no daisy chain.


Dear Sir:  I have buyers who would like to purchase some notes anywhere in the U.S. except Michigan.  Michigan is not an option for us...sorry.  If you can accomodate, let me know.  Our pricing point is between 30k-10million.  Let me know soonest.


Gail R.


Hello Khafra,


Do you work with brokers? If yes, are you paid by the seller? If yes, please email or call me so we can discuss details.


Lathea V. Morris


800.851.3506 Ext 3#

We are direct buyers. Only purchase NPN from banks, must have access to each NPN origination file we acquire, service and dispose nationwide. Please email kmartha@stonehillco.com portfolios up to $35m.


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