Available and Fresh $10M REO Tape all San Francisco, Cali....

I have in hand a fresh new REO Tape all San Francisco, Cali... $10M...  BPO 250k-700k...  .70+3... If you are NOT a Rep or Buyer DO NOT CONTACT ME! Absolutely NO Chains. BE REAL FOR I AM REAL!

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I am connected to a fund that buys and sells.  I am usually the seller rep for them.  I also am connected to buyer groups with as little as $1M up to $900M to spend.  We sign LOIs all the time.  I know what you mean about "joker brokers"  What  I have been doing is vetting the rep and making sure they are connected to buyers.  I would be interested in these tapes.  If you would like to speak to one of our members you can.  Just being honest so all this hard work dosn't get wasted.


Give me a call (610) 506-4977 or e-mail d_mconstruction@yahoo.com






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