Attention Business Owners / Managers ; Does your Business need some form of Funding ?

Call me and let’s visit and see what you need to help your business !!!!!

I can help you and your business in so many ways !!!!!

Call me and let’s talk . I will tell you if we can do something or not !!!!

Dear Manager or Business Owner ,

Please give me a call if there is anything I can do for you as far as financing for your business. We have great rates for companies that have really good credit

and collateral and good rates for companies and owners that do not have great credit or a lot of collateral.

There is a program for you !!! Oil & Gas Industry , call me !!!!

If you need Lease Financing / Cash Advance / Lines of Credit / Commercial real estate type loan / working capital / equipment loan and any other type program

that you might need. You might need assistance in selling your Products or services or your business and I might have a contact for you.

I answer the phone personally and am in Cleveland Ohio where I have been in business for the past 10 plus years.

Give me a call and let’s see what you need and what I can do for you.


William Parker


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Hello my name is Michael Williams I'm looking for investor that would like to purchase properties in Baltimore Md. Please call me at 443-709-7615


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