Turkey is one of the attractive countries for real estate investment and tourism. It is a destination for luxury lovers and big brands, so many foreigners are attracted to buying villas and luxury homes in Turkey during 2017 and 2018 for various purposes such as tourism, housing, and investment.  
The Turkish economy has witnessed a qualitative boom in various fields. This development has been positively reflected in the real estate sector. The movement of buying and selling villas, houses, homes and other types of real estate has flourished in all Turkish cities.
What are the reasons for buying a villa in Turkey?
• Strategic locations where villas for sale in Turkey are located on the sea, as most of these villas have charming and wonderful views overlooking various vital and natural green places.
• The obvious development in the price of villas in Turkey in 2017 and in 2018, as the purchase of villas and, use for the purpose of investment give its owner a percentage high profits either by leasing to tourists and visitors or reselling after a period of time.   
• The Turkish government's positive treatment for both foreign and Turkish investors in accordance with the same laws without discrimination, with no difference in treatment or taxes, and with big facilities for foreign investors.
Investment options for villas in Turkey
• The purchase of villas for sale in Turkey in a vital and strategic area will see great demand, and then be sold at a higher price, the most attractive to investors nowadays is the search for villas for sale in Turkey, especially in places close to the archaeological, nature or villa/apartment overlooking the sea, which usually gives the investor a large return on investment.
• Buying ready villas and then leasing it and ensuring a steady monthly return, as it is estimated that villas’ rentals are high, especially during the times of tourism.
Financial returns from investment villas in Turkey
The return on investment in Turkey varies according to the type of property, the lease period and the real estate features such as (location, area, quality, and surrounding facilities.
Rental income for villas is estimated at between 7 and 12%, while tourism rents are estimated at 16 to 20% of the property price.
If the villa is owned before the completion of construction and contracting, then selling these villas after the completion of the project, the return on investment is not less than 12%.
Villa or a Bungalow?
Bungalows are available for sale in Turkey at enticing prices, they are found in the often serene rural areas. With the increasing demand from foreign buyers for this kind of house, a number of innovative designs of houses have been built, as the construction of these houses allows the wide use of the land, and gives great spaces for relaxation and living.
Many visitors to Turkey want to own a fully furnished bungalow, ideal for permanent residence or retirement and summer vacations amidst the beautiful nature and tranquil rural environment of Turkish cities and villages, suitable for family housing in a quiet area, with all local facilities available from restaurants and shops nearby. 
Some rural houses consist of one bungalow, some of which are two or more floors, and generally, you will notice that the layout of the bungalow depends on the spacious and open spaces, where the kitchen is equipped with a dining area. There is also a large living room with a fireplace and air conditioning units.
The bungalow often includes a private garden and a large area around the building ideal for a barbecue with seating options or a medium-sized swimming pool.
Rural homes and houses are a great choice for many Arab tourists who travel to Istanbul and other Turkish cities, where you can find a country house near historic sights, sandy beaches, and local facilities.
Luxury Villas in Turkey
Turkey has a strategic location linking Europe and the Middle East, and the investor can find a variety of golden deals to buy luxury villas with wonderful sea views via the developers of real estate projects in the Turkish market.
Smart homes in Turkey, have developed a very advanced technological capability that shortens the time and carries out vital tasks of the owners according to the latest artificial intelligence systems.
On the other hand, the Turkish government is working to provide various tax cuts and exemptions in the real estate sector, and encourage the establishment of high-end real estate projects, commensurate with the increase in housing, and meet the expectations of the promising real estate market.
Turkey's burgeoning tourist activity is also an important investment factor, with millions of tourists arriving every year, making Turkey's investment in villas and luxury properties favored by tourists profitable. 
Why luxury villas?
Villas are the most luxurious accommodation for the lovers of nature, the tranquility and the comfort, the greenery, the water, the privacy and the sense of independence, especially if it is a luxury villa overlooking the sea in Turkey.
Villas with Sea Views in Turkey

Turkey is expected to see a new economic leap, especially in the fields of power and development, which will help boost the economy and real estate, and will be a great incentive for foreign and Arab investors in Turkey to invest in buying villas overlooking the sea.

Turkey’s cities compete among themselves in the splendor of their sea views, from the highlands with sea views, to the villas of Istanbul overlooking the sea, as well as the cities of Antalya, Trabzon and Bursa, and Yalova homes or villas with sea views of luxury and beauty...

With Turkey's great tourist attraction, the advantages of investment in this promising country, particularly real estate investment, which reached record levels in 2017 and early 2018, are also growing. For example, Istanbul is raising the level of development in all the infrastructure affairs of the city. Istanbul, with its European and Asian sides, has become a safe place for and tourism and investment. 

Turkey’s government, along with private sector companies, is a pioneer in encouraging real estate investment by offering features and facilities for owning villas with sea views. These villas have beautiful charming views and competitive prices on the level of luxury properties globally.

Cheap Villas in Turkey:
The prices of villas and houses in Turkey are relatively low compared to the prices of villas in other European countries, and the investor can achieve relatively high income relatively low risk by investing in villas in Turkey; Turkish construction companies have set up a large number of construction projects at all levels and desires to meet the needs of all investors and willing Buy cheap villas for sale in Turkey.
Why own cheap villas in Turkey:
Turkey's economy has been booming in recent lucrative markets. Turkey's economic growth in the past few years has leaped dramatically. Turkey is an attractive country for real estate investments and many investors are looking to buy cheap villas in Turkey for various purposes such as tourism, accommodation, and investment.
You can now look for affordable, low-budget, cheap villas, and you can pay for various payment options, today, you can search for affordable, budget and homes, and you can pay for various payment and financing options that are definitely right for you.
Recommendations for those wishing to buy cheap villas in Turkey:
• When looking for villas for sale in Turkey, He should not be satisfied with the description he receives from many marketers in traditional and electronic media.
• The investor should study the area and decide to buy a villa in it and must know the infrastructure, the type of villas, the most important facilities and public services surrounding them.
 It is necessary to choose villas built in accordance with international standards because this type of villas rises in price over time.
• The investor must make sure that the villa that he will buy is free of structural defects as well as free of any debts, taxes, financial assets or legal consequences.
Villas for sale in Installments in Turkey
Turkish real estate companies have been competing in real estate campaigns that have led to a quantum leap in apartment sales, local and foreign investors were given the opportunity to buy comfortable apartments for periods of up to 240 months, making the search for installment villas for sale in Turkey in 2017 and 2018 suitable option for those wishing to own and invest.
Real estate sale to foreigners will be at the forefront of Turkey's real estate market development tools in 2018, by facilitating their purchase of real estate and reducing routine procedures, as well as providing the possibility of easy installment for foreign investors, in addition to the advantages granted by the Turkish state to those interested in investing in real estate, Taxes cuts and granting them exceptional Turkish citizenship if they own property for a certain price.
In addition, the amazing installment options to suit different times, including a real estate campaign that has the potential to pay 1% of the apartment prices, and start paying installments starting in 2019. Real estate experts predict that the year 2018 will see such campaigns, which will increase the vitality of the real estate sector in Turkey, and the demand to buy apartments and investment in Turkey of various types, especially villas with amazing sea views.
In parallel with the recovery of the real estate sector, it is also planned to improve the services of the banking sector by reducing the rates of interest and Islamic profits (murabaha) applied by banks to properties financed by bank loans to enable all segments of society to obtain and benefit from these loans.
In a preliminary step to stimulate banks of gran facilities of this kind, some real estate companies offer a new offers based on the installment of the property price without paying any additional benefits, but the buyer pays 10%of the price of the property in advance, and the rest to be paid in installments for 84 months.
In Istanbul, Trabzon or Bursa, you can easily get all the offers of villas in Turkey, and in the most luxurious areas of Istanbul, for the purpose of family housing, leasing, investment, monthly financial returns and profits of resale; you can also get after sales services and property management such as furnishing of the most prestigious brands in Turkey's furniture market, as well as leasing andproperty management services by contacting a reliable real estate consultancy such as Imtilak Real Estate.

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