Are you an investor? Involved with real estate somehow?...Add this to your portfolio...

Loan Home was founded by people with a desire to correct an injustice that has taken place in the mortgage industry over the past 30 years.

Common consumer problems that we noticed:

  • Mortgages were refinanced every 2.7 years!
  • Many consumers were tempted by low adjustable rates into accepting more complicated loans with payments that soared in later years.
  • Consumers are still struggling to make payments that get higher and higher.
  • Lenders and brokers recorded record profits during the boom!

Loan Home's revolutionary approach is making waves in the industry by giving back some of the profits to the consumer when they obtain a loan
through our system.

Read more information on the founders of Loan Home: James Johnson, and popitup('mike.asp')"">Mike Karczewski.

By using the Loan Home System, you or your organization will have the opportunity to:

  • Save money month-after-month
  • Get paid for your Mortgage
  • Get paid AGAIN for your referrals
  • Generate money for a business or worthy cause
See what LoanHome can do for you and others:

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