Apartment Buildings Wanted! 50 + Units. A, B, or C Class. Any condition.

I have clients who are looking to buy in these states: NY, OH, NJ, PA, WA, OR, CA, AZ, TX, UT, CO, and anywhere in the Southeast.

Prefer the deals not be listed on a major website (loopnet, co-star, etc.)

Assumable or selling financing a huge plus (and will get you a much better price), but not required.

Brokers, wholesalers, and bird-dogs welcome.

Email me your deals at david.gabay@sydan-properties.com


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What's the protocol for a bird-dog, would they have to have the contract under control?



Thanks for the question.....no, you don't need to have the property under contract.  If you send me a lead, and I close it, you will be paid.  The amount would be set in writing prior to going to contract on the deal, but would not be less than 1%.


If you have something, please email it to me at david.gabay@sydan-properties.com

Here is what I need for 2013:


  1. Off Market Apartment Buildings: 100+ units, A, B, or C….any state, and in any condition.  Rehabs/Wrecks are welcome.  I have all cash buyers for these properties.


  1. Off Market Apartment Building Notes: $2mm upb +.  Performing or Non-Performing.  Any state, any size property. 


No price limits.  No CAP/NOI requirements. I’ll look at each deal on its own merits.


No loopnet/showcase/co-star, etc….




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