Have another tape that has 610 SFR's  Bank owned, located in CA, AZ, NV, TX, GA, and FL.

Nice property.

50 CENT 0ff CMV  +1.5...no problem. I am the only one and after me is the Bank.

As a few members has already approached me discretely, will vouch...My deals are true. No worries.

Just the common Bank procedures. LOI.... POF.

Happy hunting guys. : )

Will be looking forward.
Rick Meyers
California Investments Group
Private Owner.
Email: rick.meyers@caliinvestments.vacau.com

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thank you and the "Rating" system you're working on sounds great.

The site has a good platform that serves it's purpose and to add, I also appreciate what you're doing.

Hope you the best and your cause is noble.
I have direct buyers looking for SFR REO in Northern CA. Let me know if you have any inventory in this area.


Hello Asim,

I will call you sometime today. I am waiting on a updated list that the Bank is sending in a few moments.

Be looking forward to my call today.

Rick Meyers.
I called twice...and left a message.
We represent a large network of buyers of REO's and Notes. We are looking to build long term relationships with seller/suppliers of REO's, Non-Performing and Performing Notes (both residential and Commercial). Our buyers are NOT looking for ready-made tapes, they are willing to wait for product to be compiled from an LOI prepared by the buyer.

We currently have many orders that we are unable to fill at this juncture. Our primary objective is to facilitate purchases of both REO's and Notes on a Nationwide and State specific basis. We need to work with a source that is accessible and can handle many transactions simultaneously. To that end, we are capable of and willing to act as seller representatives for your firm to facilitate the expediency of these orders.

If you are a seller of REO or Notes who can facilitate deals of 50m and up, have competitive price points, can compile fresh tapes within 3 - 7 days tops (no exception) we would like to consider a mutually beneficial relationship. All products given to our buyers must be exclusive. Under no circumstances will we work with another IM close to the seller rep, we need to be direct.

Here is a recap of what we are looking for:

Nationwide Product (we need to be able to offer product in all states)
State specific Product (with the ability to compile by county and zip code).
Commercial and Residential
REO's, Non-Performing Notes and Performing Notes
Broken Condos a plus
Fresh Product (we are not looking for tapes that have been circulated on the internet)
Competitive Price Points.
Ability to deliver on Recurring orders every week and or month.
In closing we would like to reiterate that we represent cash buyers who can close when the right product is presented to them within 72 hours.

We are also looking for Buyers, we have fresh product, and no IM. you deal direct with seller.

If interested please email your phone contact info, and when would be a good time for you, and I can set up a conference call.

Raymond Blackwell



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