My name is Frank. I am a fairly new real estate investor. I am currently working on a project purchasing 2 fairly large hotels. (This purchase is being made as a package deal). I have all of my financing in place, both down payment and balance; However with just a few days before the deal is to be completed, I have a been advised of another 1.5% that I need to come up with in the next 5, days totaling $100,000.00.

As a result I am in need of a $100,000.00 loan. What I am able to do as repayment at this time is the $100,000.00 with an additional 15,000.00, totaling $115,000.00 balloon payment in 90 days
Thank you for your assistance


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have a friend how is hard money lender on loan his contact person is georgermallory@gmail,com- at 10%for i year
tell delma sent you
thank you I have sent them the request
I have forwarded you my request for yur apl

Good Day,
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Hello Frank,

We can provide equity capital to facilitate your purchase transaction when you also have a buyer in place to purchase it. If you're looking to fund properties and than sell, our program is a legal way to accomplish your Back-to-Back closings. Most title companies and banks no longer allow you to use your end buyer's money for a simultaneous closing. You now need to provide stand-alone funds to complete your purchase.

We provide you with purchase funding quickly and with the most competitive fees available. Transactional Funding requires a same -day, or "Back-to-Back" closing at the same Title Company; and your purchase contract and sales contract needs to be in the name of an entity, such as a Trust, LLC, or Corporation. We offer funding for up to 95 days if a bank requires a holding period before your resale, or if your end-buyers lender requires minor items to close a mortgage for your end buyer. Your end-buyer does need to be fully approved and have an above average financial commitment to closing via a non-refundable security deposit.

Hello Frank:

If this message isn't too late, my partner may be able to assist you.  Please call me at 908-259-4582

Rochelle Lavenhouse

ArrElle Group, Inc


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