Tape with 139 properties

Tape with 555 properties


After you sign my NCND I will send tapes

Send me LOI with list of desired properties

We'll draw up the PSA and sign it

Escrow will open

Funds will be wired

Escrow closes

You enjoy your new investment


It's that Simple!

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Dear Mr  C.

My name is  L Truett Phillips ,  Sacramento Calif and I will gladly sign and honor  your NDND agreement for

access to the described  properties.  As a matter of principle I avoid  things like  friend sites etc... I hope this

does not interfere with actually building a business relationship.  So if you please send me the NCND asap

and I will  get it back to you.

Best Regards

L  Truett Phillips

Hi L Truett Phillips!

 What do you like to be called? I am not the most computer literate person, so if you will, please email me at dacinvests@gmail.com so I can send the NCND.

Thank you,


Daryl Crabtree


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