$60MM in Non Performing Commercial 1st Position Notes

Looking for buyer for new OFF MARKET acquired commercial NPN portfolio/individual loans.  Buyer can buy in bulk or one offs.


Associated collateral is:  Industrial/Warehouse, Retail, Multi-Family, Golf Course, Self-Storage and Land.


Please only respond if you are a direct buyer/seller.  No daisy-chains.

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Please contact me directly to place these. Im sure to be interested in all of these, the majority of the commercial.





These go out to the web... to over 20,000 targeted individuals... Campbell, a very very very famous book producer in New York saw this and was interested, but you did not put any contact info on this post....


He had to get in touch with me.....


Everyone Put Your Contact Info on Your Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Contact Info:


Campbell Dosch



Good day,

 I'm inquirering about commercial non performing notes...I work with a group of investors and 2 hedge fund companies that 
are aggressively purchasing commercial non performing notes from $1 million and above. If you are the asset manager I'd be interested
in you sending me your complete contact info and a spreadsheet of all your commercial npn's. My investors would review them and
if they see any viable notes for purchase they would issue a pof letter and an LOI to negotiate and purchase the notes.
  To your success,
    Alfredo Nieves
Independent Commercial Consultant at K

Please give me a call 718-795-5611 or e-mail me at racevedo@exactcapital.com

Interested in purchasing notes.

Warm Regards,

Ray Acevedo

Send me further details by email to james@structuredcommercialcapital.com. Thanks

Hello, I have a direct buyer of commercial DC Notes. This buyer wants to buy 40M Commercial DC Notes. If you are a direct seller, which means there is no one in between you and my buyer, please respond asap. My buyer will close in 14 days if you have a single commercial DC Note worth 40M, but if you have more than one note property he will close between 20-30 days. You can contact me Isabel at iquebec01@gmail.com


Connect With two off My Partners

Cory Rahmings 786-859-5857


Ken Edmonds 626-675-4931


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