I have a $37MM Class "A" performing note for sale. The unit is a 350+ multi-family unit in Florida. Constructed in 2007.


Property Highlights:

Property Type: Multifamily / Garden Style: Occupancy / As of: 94.5% / May 2010

Property State: Florida    # of Buildings: 26 + 1 Clubhouse

Year Built: 2007 / # on stories 2 & 3

Number of Units: 350+ 

Number of Parking Spaces: 784 (600 surface & 184 garage)


Contact Don at (520) 401-0680


Don Emmons



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Hi Don,
I would like to discuss the property.

I have our hedge fund's matrix for purchasing properties i want to email too

Ted Williams
Maple Lake, MN

We spoke earlier and I thought this note was sold. I have two buyers for sure that would jump on a note like this and especially of this size. Can I get an email address for you so we can discuss further?


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