I have a $37MM Class "A" performing note for sale. The unit is a 350+ multi-family unit in Florida. Constructed in 2007.


Property Highlights:

Property Type: Multifamily / Garden Style: Occupancy / As of: 94.5% / May 2010

Property State: Florida    # of Buildings: 26 + 1 Clubhouse

Year Built: 2007 / # on stories 2 & 3

Number of Units: 350+ 

Number of Parking Spaces: 784 (600 surface & 184 garage)


Contact Don at (520) 401-0680


Don Emmons



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Hello Gerard,
I am always interested in letting others in on the bounty. Yes, I am an intermediary. I belong to a private client group that sends out possible deals all the time. Anywhere from small multi-family deals to LARGE non-performing notes, to performing notes. I am 1 removed from the seller. If this is something that interests you, either reply with a phone number and I will call you, or call me at (520) 401-0680.
Give me a good time to call you tomorrow morning and we'll talk.
I would be interested in seeing if I can help you to get a lump sum for this property. I work witha group of buyers that are interested in obtaining property. I can be reached at 586 489-5661 or you can visit my website for more info about me. www.gettingcash4urnote.com my email address is jamesstockel@yahoo.com I look foward to seeing if I can help you with this or any other note you may have for sell.
Hello James,
Before sending any info to you, I have a NCND and confidentiality agreement that must be executed. Please send fax number and I will fax them to you.
Please sent to 248 404-4555 attention Jim Stockel. Thank you. Or you can email it to my email jamesstockel@yahoo.com
Good morning James, my name is Zee Sanders I'd like to discuss a deal w/you. I can be reached @

Zeus Capital Funding Inc.

I'm very interested - have someone that can move on this fairly quickly. pls call or email DD pkg. Thanks
Hello Steve,

Before sending DD package, i have a NCND and confidentiality agreement that needs to be executed. Give me a fax number and i will fax them to you.
Is this note available?

Lazaro sosa

I am interested in your note and am direct to buyer. Please send your NCND to me at 1-509-471-1220 so we can get things started.

Thank you,

Hi Scott,
The note has been sold. I don't know how to remove it. I will figure that out and take it down.
I would like to know too, I had one on here too that I couldn't figure out how to remove.


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