266  Houston, TX   SFR's
  • TX(Houston) turnkey SFRs tape available now
  • Already in escrow
  • Make an offer
  • 100% leased
  • Cherry picking allowed- No minimum
  • Warranty Deeds
  • No Repairs
  • Home values 80K-300K
  • Package initially priced at $35M. Now entertaining offers as low as $24M + 3
  • Contract in hand-can close quick.
  • Sanitized spread sheet available
All additional info will be released once the seller receives the LOI and SPOF. The seller will contact the buyer direct to answer any further
questions if necessary. As stated prior, this deal is structured to
close immediately...contract is available.


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Hey Alan, do you have any Vegas SFR ? I need fourty.


Not currently but if I run across some I will contact you
Hello Mr. Freeman,
Have you closed on this offer yet. If not, we seek the following:

Residential non-performing loans:
• 1st lien position
• Balances between $250,000 and $800,000 for residential (generally, but no low balance loans)
• SFR, Townhome, Condo. We are seeking Commercial Projects as well.
• Preferably in good markets on the East Coast and West Coast, but will look at good collateral nationwide
• $5mm- $40mm portfolios are "sweet spot" sizes. For Commercial projects sweet spot of course can be higher.
You must be direct to the seller. Please verify this before sending it our way. No Broker Chain.
We will also need specific pricing expectations, color, and know that they are committed to selling the portfolio.
Please make sure that the deal meets all the above criteria, otherwise it will not be seriously considered.

We must then be direct to the Seller. We will need the asset tape along with details an order to move forward from there. Tape must be sanitized to be valid. All must be verified before we bring in the buyer.
We do not sign set Fee Agreement in advance of deal closing.

If all is presented, we have no problem showing a POF to the Principal Seller. Buyer will issue LOI not a problem. We will and need, as soon as possible, to place the Buyer direct to the Seller for all verification and forward movement. If this meets with you and your seller, we are ready to move forward.

Dennis Smith
SII Capital Financing
(253) 833-5797


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