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SFR REO/NPN's .35 to .65
NPN's REO/NPN's .20 to .55
Hotels REO/NPN's

There are always under 65%.

Here is the protocol, If you have serious buyers which are ready to move on
this, lets get the paperwork going and get them started.

Our 4 easy protocol steps - The process the bank follows:

1. The Bank NCND needs to be signed by the buyer and sent with an MFA, LOI,
and SPOF with either a escrow name or attorney name and stating the specific
properties or notes they want to buy and to amount they wish to purchase.

2. The bank prepares the tapes to order based on current inventory and then
forward the Investor product for review within 5 days of completed

3. The buyer has up to 5 days to review tape. After which the buyer is
required to make a 10% deposit in Escrow with the Title Company. The deposit
will be credited to the purchase price at closing.

4. The Due Diligence period is a minimum of 5-10 days. After which escrow
closes.The Day prior to closing, the buyer wires the remaining funds
necessary to close into the Title company's escrow account. Instructions are
in writing on how the money is to be spent purchase price, closing costs,
commissions, taxes, etc. (Wire transfers for all Commissions will occur
within 24 hours of the Closing).


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