$1.5B Cali SFR Sanatized/Customized Cannot be broken up

51+4, Must provide POF, LOI and sign NCND

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Good Morning Ron,

I like some of your offerings, I have a Private Equity Firm that can close in 3 to 5 days if he can deal principal-to-principal and the price is right, they have recently purchased over 2,000 SFR's from Fannie Mae, so you know they have the buying power.  When would be a good time to call you, maybe we can put a deal together before the end of the year.  Awaiting your response!

Chris - Send me an email at andrew@capstonera.com.  I have 3 SFR portfolios I will be bringing to market in early January.  Additionally, I have about 12 direct bank contacts and have been regularly locating SF in the Carolinas at 40 cents on the dollar with only 3-7k rehab needed, if any, to be rent ready.

Andrew, the price is high but lets talk anyway, I sent you an email over 2 hours ago.

Ron, we spoke a few days ago but I never received the info you were going to send me.


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