I have a buyer coming into town at the end of the month (March 2010). He wants to buy some investment property and he wants me to prepare some deals for him to look at.
He has between $15 million & $20 million in cash that he would like to invest in real estate (preferably in $1.5 to $2 million chunks).
He prefers newer buildings, build-to-suit kind of deals but is open to review any good offer, high quality with a 10% minimum cap rate.
This would most likely be retail with a good solid national tenant. But, if you have an appealing office or industrial deal, please send it in for review.
Location: Willing to look anywhere in the US.
He would prefer to do 10 to 15 deals in the 1-2 million range instead of one big deal. But, he will consider a big deal for development purposes with higher risk but with a much higher cap rate (at least 20% per annum during the first 5 years).
So, please send me your deals. Tks!

832-483 8655
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Hello Lance,

only real estate?
I have a client looking for a investor-partner to exploit a gold mine in US, that will make income well more than 20%, in 20 weeks.

Write me if you are interested: Luisa_Cabrini@hotmail.com

thanks and regards

Hi Luisa,

I don't know anything about gold mines and how to value them so I think we'll stay away from that!!!


832-483 8655.
Is your guy interested in multifamily?
Hi Giovanni - Hmmm.... no, I don't think he is. - regards - Lance.
Hi Dan,

Sorry, didn't see this until now.

So.... hey, there's a lot of detail there. Ummm... can my client make money out of it?

:) Only joking, I'm sure it's possible.... it just looks a little complex to me with a bunch of moving parts. I prefer something a little simpler where it's easier to see the end result actually happening.


Dan Corrao said:
Lance, let me know if this is of interest or if you can help with this.

Transaction Overview- $4.575 Million senior secured loan,
5 year WAL, Maturity 12/31/2014
15% All in rate, 13% Payment In Kind, Free Cash Flow Sweep
25% Internal Rate of Return
Company Overview- A single family residential community atop a Mountain
Near Boone, Blowing Rock, and Banner Elk N.C.
Market Summary- A World Class resort and second home all age’s destination.
Four seasons of Activities. The number one ski and winter sports
destination in the South East. Golf, Hiking, Trout fishing,
Fine dining and shopping. Near the Blue Ridge parkway.
Financial Overview- Significant Equity value (Est. over $10 million).
Low annual operating cost (No management fees/salaries/expenses)
Golf and Tennis. 18 holes less than $600.00 a year unlimited.
No Club to Join!

Terms of New 1st Lien Note
Size of Note - $4,575,000.00
Security - 1st Lien on all Real Property and Assets of SP LLC.
Maturity - December 31, 2014, 5 Years
Coupon - Due quarterly
PIK Option - PIK for life, Payment option based on lot sales
Cash Option - Cash coupon begins at 2% and increases over the life of the loan (see schedule)
Cash Flow Sweep - Note holders have Full Cash sweep rights to lot sale proceeds (see model)
IRR - 25%
Annual Terms - Year 1 PIK interest 13% Cash Coupon 2%
Year 2 PIK interest 13% Cash Coupon 3%
Year 3 PIK interest 13% Cash Coupon 4%
Year 4 PIK interest 13% Cash Coupon 5%
Year 5 PIK interest 13% Cash Coupon 6%

Significant Equity Value
Substantial Investment to date
• Owners have contributed approximately $1.5 mil of cash equity thus far and thousands of
uncompensated hours promoting the development and negotiating water, sewer and road
• All profits have been reinvested. $5.6 mil in sales have been used to pay down land and
infrastructure costs (no partner distributions).
• Nearly $5.6 mil (land cost less sales and equity) already invested/reinvested into the project
• All entitlements in place. Significant portion of backbone community infrastructure
completed (roads, utilities, water, etc.). Roads cut throughout development. Sewer, water and
power through phase 2.
• Recreation Amenities pre date the community. Residents inherit
services as members of Sugar Mountain Village. Low rates on Golf, Skiing, Tennis, Hiking
and Biking trails etc. HOA dues are $240 per year.
1. Infrastructure $3.18 mil
2. Land acquisition costs $3.7 mil
3. Internet marketing $100,000
4. Marketing/Advertising $560,000
-Summary Terms of New Credit Facilities
Borrower: SP(the .Borrower.)
PIK Note: $4,525,000
Maturity: 2015 (5 years)
Collateral: First deed of Trust on substantially all real property of the Borrower and
pledge of borrower’s shares
Voluntary Prepayments: Permitted anytime with no prepayment penalty
Mandatory Prepayments: Cash Flow sweep on all lot sales
Term Loan Amortization: Commensurate with lot sales

Let me know, Thanks

Dan Corrao

Would your client be interested in student housing projects at major universities? I have a couple of opportunities with 15%+ yearly returns and an IRR of +/- 23%. let me know your interest. Peter Cotsirilos, CCIM pcotsirilos@nationalrealtynetwork.net. 847-852-3209
Hi Peter,

Yes, I think this could well be of interest. In fact, we looked at student housing for $10 million just recently. But, the cap rate was just way off.


Peter Cotsirilos said:

Would your client be interested in student housing projects at major universities? I have a couple of opportunities with 15%+ yearly returns and an IRR of +/- 23%. let me know your interest. Peter Cotsirilos, CCIM pcotsirilos@nationalrealtynetwork.net. 847-852-3209
Hi Lance,
My partner and I have a rare opportunity to purchase a 20MM portfolio (tape) of Bulk REO's directly from the lending institutions. In order to view the tapes we are in need of Proof of Funding, and a deposit in an escrow account. If your lender would be interested in veiwing and perhaps purchasing this portfolio, we would need his proof of funding to move further.
My name is Dann V. Manz, and my email address is dannmanz@yahoo.com, Thank you for your time
Hi Dann,

We are not a lender. This is a wealthy individual with $15 million in cash to invest.

We are not providing "proof of funding" when we don't even know what it is that is being sold.

So... unless that requirement is relaxed I just don't see how it's possible for us to do a deal.

832-483 8655.


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