I am a principal partner in the company that just got the contract to disburse failed bank  REO portfolios

effective Jan 1st 2011. min. proof 500m . I will deal with principle buyers only .If you are a principle buyer and can prove same contact me for real product. This is not a game be real or be gone. georgepadmos@aol.com for initial contact.

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I work with several Tier 1 investors, they purchase $1M to $10M at $0.10 to $0.40/$1.00, they can purchase higher values but this is their comfort zone.  Let me know if you have any product that matches this criterion.

Hi George,


My name is Phillip Walker and I source investments for NSN Partners.

They represent a large group of accredited investors with all cash, proven , closing in 30 days or less. They are interested in speaking with the bank official or someone who is direct and who can authorize us to purchase very large Bulk Reo and  notes either performing or non performing. Our target purchase price is between $50 to $500 Million.

Contact: stonecreekfs@yahoo.com



minimum 500m proof i am one of 4 principles of the company awarded the contract to disburse failed bank assets. we can talk first but only principle buyers on intro call. let me know this is 100% real
Yes George this is 100% real.  I never waste my time with joker broker garbage.  It's all going to come down to pricing.  Most of these investors, as I said are Tier 1 buyers, they are currently buying from the big banks and fannie mae.  I don't want to waste your time or mine, give me a ball park on reqested package size and pricing.  After we see the unsanitized tape we can run the AVM's and BPO's


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