Does anyone provide this type of funding? Be it:

1) 100% LTV loan
2) 90% first + 10% second
3) 80% first, 17% second, 3% PE

Thanks, TJ

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Hello TJ

This is a 100% commercial funding structure for viable property owners and renewable energy projects, 25 year acquisition financing or lease at 5.9% with 3 points. We provide a 48 – 72Hrs acknowledgement to accept your project, and funding take 30 to 45 days after all documents are received. Just to give you an idea what this means for your commercial transaction. Let’s take a project in which you own the property and use .00638 as your payment factor to arrive at your monthly payment. If you are considering an energy project, in most cases your payment after all Federal incentives is less than half of your current utility bill. In most cases this is offered at 100% financing.

The program can be used for all Commercial transaction plus Non Profit entities if the project or property is owned with or without an existing mortgage. We will accept cross collateral properties structuring for securitization of the allocated commercial funds.

Hi there, 

I went to website and want to clarify a couple issues to see if I fit your parameters.

I am a new investor, so don't have financials; I'm confident my personal credit is at or near "excellent." I'm looking at single-tenant, NNN properties, and so the real underwriting is on the tenant. 
** Are these conditions acceptable?
** Would the loan be non-recourse? 

B/C I am new, I am looking at NNN properties; There are NNN properties with 6.5-9% cap rates. An I/O loan with balloon at your rate would work. 
** Can you do I/O balloon loans? 

Thanks, TJ

Hello TJ,

Please feel free to contact me directly at 856-412-8056

Thanks For Your Time


Mr. Rob Robinson, REIF Consultant

Franchise Financing

eCap has helped franchisees in all business industries acquire the funding and working capital solutions they need, and we can do the same for you. eCap is proud to partner with some of the most recognized brands in the US and provide franchise financing. Whether you are purchasing new equipment and technology, starting the franchise remodeling or re-imaging process, or adding a new franchise location, eCap will develop a financing program based on your specific needs and budget.

Franchise Lending… Simplified

Our goal is to help franchisees like you succeed, and we do this by offering results-based financing solutions along with uncompromising customer service. eCap simplifies the entire financing process so you can focus your time and energy on running your franchises. This includes an easy online application process, fast credit decision and rapid funding capabilities.

Experienced franchise financing team
Application-only up to $250,000
Credit decisions within one hour
100% financing available
Soft-cost financing up to 50%
Equipment, technology, and software coverage
Furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E)
Product improvement programs (PIP)
Franchise re-imaging/remodeling
Franchise business loans

Hello TJ.

I will love to listen to what your proposal.

Write me through my email  @ 

I think we can, if you send me an executive summary and look at our website  Hope to hear from you.

Have A Good Day

Reggie Truss

The Michael Lewis Group

A Veteran Owned Company

can you give more details on these properties you speak of 

Try this TJ, they're very responsive.

Lisa Arlt Escoto

4:22 PM (17 hours ago)
to me
Thanks, Erick!  I’m submitting to my broker partner now and will connect you both in the next email. 

PS   NOW OFFERING up to 100% Financing for your worldwide business venture or commercial real estate transaction! 
Lisa Arlt Escoto
President, Virginia Deed of Trust Investments, LLC
Licensed Virginia Realtor with Cottage Street Realty, Vienna, VA
Direct 703-307-8749
US Toll Free Fax 877-455-3493

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