Welcome to 2012. What will this New Year Bring for you and for CREPIG?

Is the worst behind us?

It has been another bad year overall in the industry with a ton of talk about how it will be turning around again soon. I have been rather gloom and doom over the past few years and I hope that I will have much more uplifting news this year for you, the industry and the economy in general.

2011 saw a big rise in activity, but not so much as a rise in deal flow...

I just read the numbers for Retail for Sale in Los Angeles County (Asking Prices) and the numbers are the lowest they have been since before 2006.

The info I was looking at is from Loopnet and it shows generally, that asking price is up, actual sale price is down, availability (number of listinings) is down and demand is up.

This to me is promising, but taking into account continuing low wage, employment and slow economic growth; it is hard to get too optimistic.

If you have made it down to this sentence in this short blog then congratulations, I believe you belong to the top 2% and will probably do better this year. If you have read any of my interviews, you probably belong to the top 1% and you will kick some major ass this year or next.

The truth is that, if the world is not over in 2012 the next few years will be full of opportunities and I will be exploring those this year. To start with go listen to:

All About Venture Capital with John Nelson of CalCap Partners

AUDIO- John Nelson Manging Director of CalCap Partners, Talks to CREPIG All About Venture Capital…

This audio talks about the media and how they keep feeding us the old story of how we are loosing all our jobs overseas and how we are importing talent that will take our jobs. This is a bunch of hooey! and if you know this you can take advantage and make it big in the coming years.

CREPIG will continue to interview financial and industry leaders to give you the information, tools and resources you need to move beyond survival to abundance going forward.

Come and become part of the group. CREPIG wants to reach out and work with you to bring the industry more. If you want to interview with us, work with us, sponsor the site or help in any way... I want to speak with you.

I wish you Great Health, Wealth and Above All Happiness this New Year 2012.

Warmest Regards,

JW Najarian

CREPIG Founder



Some of you know and most of you do not.... I also have a site I have devoted to delivering quality content to the web. It is very different from this site, but would like you to take and look and enjoy yourself.

It is also full of interviews, but of authors, speakers, thought leaders and celebrities about inspiring, educational, enlightening and entertaining stories we hope you will love.... Take a Break and go check it out... www.JwOnPurpose.com

This was the last picture taken of me in 2011 at the Mario Lopez Big Bang New Years Party. I will be publishing Red Carpet Interviews with some of the stars at that event.

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