In today's chaotic financial times, people are quickly discovering that both the local and large financial institutions have turned their backs on the business owner and real estate investor.

There was a time when Hard Money was the last resort for people with poor credit ratings. But now, Private Money is the option for established businesses, corporations and individuals. It is now common to see applicants with 700 scores electing Private Financing due to their inability to prove sufficient income, debt servicing or experience to name a few.

Regardless of how the economy may or may not be - company's still need working capital, cash, credit lines and financial peace of mind. The good news is that experienced and well funded private money brokers could be the solution you and your company is looking for.

Private money can fund projects from $300,000.00 up to several hundred million dollars. All you need as a client, is the proper documents, a good attitude and the right Private Money Broker representing you.

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