The Art of Cold Calling - How to Love and Look Forward to it.

I hate the term cold calling because it sets you up to believe the call will be hard. There are a couple of things you can do to make sure that, number one, the phone does not become a 1000 pound weight and impossible to pick up.

first when calling a company where you have to go through a receptionist (The GateKeeper) most people try to rush through these people or try sly tricks to get around them. I never do that. Along time ago I used to sell large computer systems and I sold to boards of realtors. Oh my gosh.. Do you know that a board can NEVER make a decision? No one wants to be the one who pushed or picked the wrong thing or deal. They would rather argue over parking spaces and the types of paper towels in the bathroom.

Anyway I was talking to the receptionist while waiting to talk to a particular board and as I love to talk to people, I got her engaged in a conversation. She let me know how bad the current system sucked and I went over how my system would help if the board would just listen to my pitch. She asked me to show her and I did. I went into the meeting and watched as eyes rolled back in everyones heads as they listened to my presentation. I started to walk out and noticed the receptionist go into the meeting as I started to leave.

I was almost out the door when the receptionist called my name and asked me to come over to the boardroom door. As I approached I could sense something was up as the head of the board came to the door to meet us both. The receptionist told me in front of the board president that they would be going with my plan. As it turned out she was actually in control the whole time! She ran the office and did the day to day and the rest of the members and president were just there to put the job on their resumes. The receptionist told the board that my system did what she needed and in minutes the board said yes.

I learned an important lesson that day. Find out who is really in charge and who really makes the decisions and don't go with the obvious.

Also in calling company after company I often find that the receptionists and assistants know quite a bit about what is going on in a company. This is part of me doing my homework about the people and company I am working with.

OK how do I make the cold call fun and not a burden. I just kinda tipped my hat to the answer. Never call to get the deal done. Never call to talk to the head person on the first call anyway. Call on a fact finding tour whenever possible. If you are calling to talk directly to the client save the pitch for later. Do a fact finder and ask questions without worrying about the pitch at that moment. It is much better to be asked what you can do for them as opposed to vominting a bunch of information down their throats anyway.

You need to learn to listen and find out the needs of the client. forget all the sales courses, NLP, mirroring and other techniques. Forget about what type they are... Blue, Green, Auditory, Touchy Feely... Who cares. If you have to think about if your breathing the right way and producing the right body language you won't be able to focus on your client and what they need. I know all that stuff builds repore, but truely listening builds even better repore...

The big thing is to have fun.

JW Najarian

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Comment by JW Najarian on September 7, 2009 at 5:18pm
Jose.. It is also Michael Oliver's Natural Selling (TM) method and Nourish Marketing (TM) and Listening for Success model. You can call it whatever you like. It works Amen is right Tami... How you doing :o)
Comment by Jose de Golferichs on September 7, 2009 at 2:28pm
Sandler Submarine System?
Comment by Tami Simko on April 3, 2009 at 10:14am
Amen Brother!!

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