Short-term Funding for Free-and-clear-owned Properties

If you need closing costs with your real estate, read below and if you like to proceed, I will send you an application, thanks.

New Funding Option:

Short-term Funding for Free-and-clear-owned Properties


          1. Short-term Funding Available Quickly for Properties Owned Free and Clear


          2. Earnest Money Deposit Funds Available to Real Estate Investors


Capital is available with the following parameters:   


*        $50,000 (normal maximum)


*        No upfront or hidden fees. Quick funding decisions 


*        No points, no interest. Not a loan. Our funding IS a cash-on-cash investment.  


*        Maximum time for use of funds: 30 days. More time may be available, on a-case-    by-case basis.  


*        Cash-on-cash markups are as follows:


Amount Invested            Cash-on-Cash Return    Examples                           


$5k (minimum) to $50k          50%                                         $  5k invested, ROI $  2.5k, $  7.5k paid back

                                                                                                $25k invested, ROI $12.5k, $37.5k paid back

                                                                                                $50k invested, ROI $25.0k, $50.0k paid back 


*        Available in all 50 states & DC to real estate investors

*        Why Use Short-term Funding for Free-and-clear-owned Properties?

          -     We normally fund in days, not weeks (for qualified deals)

          -     We do not require an appraisal, credit check or income verification 

          -     Use our funds to get past temporary cash flow hurdles

          -     Pay overdue: taxes, liens, HOA fees

          -     Use our funds for building permits, closing costs, due diligence, etc.                  

          -     Bring payments up to date on other urgent loans

          -     Paying off a small note so property can be sold

          -     Get properties out of probate, foreclosure or sheriff’s sale   

          -     Don’t tie up your personal capital, use ours

          -     Allows investors to leverage themselves into more deals


Contact info: Shawn K. Pearl, diamondinvestor8@gmail.com225-247-8976

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Comment by david hickles on March 24, 2017 at 1:02pm

Can you provide more info about your short term funding program for commercial real estate  properties for my review

David Hickles


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