Purchase a Business With Earnings and Profits = easy loan options

Every State  Business Owners are looking for a clear exit strategy some are willing to carry a 1st or 2nd Loan

Replace Wages with Earnings , Replace Paid time off with DREAM VACATION based on PROFITS:)

AN Example: Create "THE AMERICA DREAM" or Wealth planning

Contract to purchase a Business with REAL ESTATE, Income, Prior P & L, and Profits

Debt Service Coverage 1.25+/ -

The average person wants to START a BUSINESS  / however that same average person has to

Save up ABOUT $ 150,000. 00 to $ 500,000. 00 to afford to begin.

OR  those folks could Purchase a VALUED ASSET with Earnings ( a business that has history of BOTH Earnings and Profits) the debt service coverage is strong. Grow Wealth purchase ONE new every year and when you have the CASH FLOW to support investing in that NEW BUSINESS without  RISKING your FAMILY or HOME = DO IT

AGAIN IN EVERY STATE folks with old successful Companies seeking an exit strategy ***

Purchase a Business ask for assistance ,use strong MATH, get a LOAN you could afford, and plan a retirement exit or leave your kids a Business NOT low wages. 

Have a great 2018 : )



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Comment by Robin on April 27, 2018 at 6:29am
Planning is KEY call or email if you have questions

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