Do you have clients or do you need a loan? We can finance residential and commercial properties.

We can finance land, churches, gas stations, hotels, construction to perm for residential and commercial, offices, retail, assisted living, multi-family, and other businesses and properties, shopping centers, etc.

Our jumbo residential loans are available with 10% down and no MI with ficos over 720. Other programs allow scores at 620 and above with as little as 3.5% down, which is great for 1st time buyers and 1% down with high ficos.

Loans for clients wanting 2nd homes or investment properties with 15% down and ficos over 720.

Additionally, we help clients with a foreclosure, BK or short sale 1 day out with 15-20% down and 6.99%.

Our bank statement program is specifically for self-employed.

We do and have done many commercial and bridge loans, from the hundreds of thousands to the billions both in and out of the U.S. (in all 50 states) Canada, England, Australia, Mexico, the Bahamas, etc.

Offering hard money and rehab loans.

Are you able to close with foreign nationals? We can!!! Also, non-warrantable condos and condo-tels.

If your clients have multiple single family to 4 units, we refi them as a portfolio for a minimum of $500,000 to multi-millions and up to 80%, as long as 90% are rented out and value of each property is $50,000+. These can be in multiple states in the U.S. Rates start in the low 5's.

Our commercial construction to perm loans start at $5MM and go to the multi-millions. Ideal for hotels, large multi-family, office buildings, assisted living, shopping centers, etc. in addition to construction to perm residential loans.

Now introducing our SBA loans that take 10% down and will lend to $5MM with 680+ fico scores for construction to perm, purchase/acquisition, refi and business loans. Other loans will go to $25MM with good scores and 3 years tax returns. These loans are directly underwritten not underwritten and then sent to the SBA.

Now offering reverse loans for seniors. Should you or if you have clients that need help,

Please contact me at the number below or

I would be happy to speak with you at your convenience to go over the programs.

Looking forward to working with you.

A minimum of $50 will be donated to National Military Families Association with each closed loan.

Lynne Spencer
Director of Business Development
The Lending Corporation
941-922-6762 949-295-8982 cell 941-251-8235 fax
641-715-3580 conference line 663589 # pin code

"Show us the challenge and we will give you the Solution!"

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