Just Released: 2017 Real Estate Investor's Financing Guide

The partnering of banks and marketplace lending platforms continues to transform the world of lending. As these transformations take place, M&L.com will continue to focus on partnerships that offer an array of financing products for a diverse investor community.

From our experience with investors, many have two primary investment strategies: fix & flip and buy & hold. Generally, the purchasing goals for fix & flip investors are single family residences (SFRs) and small multi-families (up to 4 units). Many experienced investors who purchase multi-families (5+ units) and other commercial property types, generally, their goal is to buy and hold for positive cash flow.

Whether you’re a buying to hold or fix/flip investor, it’s no secret, most times, you’re going to need private money for your financing needs. This is especially true when it comes to fix and flip deals. Why? Banks will rarely, if ever, loan on an “as is” property that needs rehabilitation. Private money does not always mean “hard money” which can translate into high interest rates and short terms. For example, there is a middle ground between hard money and conventional rates. This financing is typically for investors who require a financing product not offered by a bank. Or, either they don't fit the traditional bank model (income, credit, debt-to-income ratio and net worth standards) or don't want to pay hard money rates and may want a slightly longer term.

Explore financing options, tips and resources in the 2017 Real Estate Investor's Financing Guide to determine your possibilities!

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