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I just returned from speaking at Crittenden on the subject of building and destroying your personal brand. Although the panel of speakers on the subject were well received, the messages seemed to be a bit lost on the commercial professionals at the conference. Much like the fax machine, microwave oven and the cell phone; when they first came on the market, everyone was aware of them, but were unsure how the new technologies affected them. Social Networking and Media is in the same boat. It is new and most of us have no idea how to use the medium effectively to network and build up our personal or company brands.

As it turns out Social Media and networking are the most responsive and least cost methods of building your list of potential customers and building your own personal brand, which helps you to build your business or get a job. I recently read the following report which really makes the point and I wanted to share it with you.

The 2010 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report is out. Execunet is based on simultaneous surveys of Execunet's executive members and the search firms and corporate recruiters who regularly use Execunet's services as well as human resource communities, trade networks and others.

The report speaks to the recent impact of the economy, a meltdown which placed many recruiters into survival mode as jobless figures hit new records. The report goes on to show that there is a rebuilding in process as the markets are slowly showing signs of recovery especially in the new growth markets. Healthcare being predicted as being the number one high growth industry of 2010.

According to the report, how companies will find talent going forward will change dramatically as the way to fill jobs in the $200K and above move from job boards to peer referral and as competition for jobs increases, firms will take much longer to make decisions.

The 9 page report also speaks to the mission critical objectives of CEO's in 2010, Where recruiters will find executive candidates going forward, Compensation expectations, business retention vs. hiring, The hidden job market, Networking vs. other forms of getting your resume out, The new role of personal marketing,

Overall the story seems to be that the job markets will come back very slowly, so you have to have an edge and the edge seems to be networking and building your personal brand.

To get more information go to ExecuNet .

JW Najarian

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Comment by JW Najarian on April 28, 2010 at 12:34pm
Bob you are so right. In a recent study by HubSpot; it was shown that covertable leads cost at least 2/3rds less, using social media and blogging, then traditional mail, phone, email and tradeshow methods.

This means the response and conversion rates of traditional vs. Social Media and Blogging show the latter to be significantly higher then traditional methods. This should answer the question so many ask about what's in it for me?

Paradigims do change... The buggy whip is gone, phone boths are almost non-existant and the phone book is not far behind.

If you want to compete and get the best bang for your buck you need to take a serious look at the new media as the early adopters will be the big winners.

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