CFOs can't ignore social media. But what's the ROI?

Who's Out There?
CFOs can't ignore social media. But what's the ROI?
David Rosenbaum - CFO Magazine

February 1, 2012

In 1775, when Boston silversmith Paul Revere famously rode northwest to alert the countryside that British troops were on the move, Boston tanner William Dawes, bearing the same message, rode not so famously southwest.

When the British arrived in Lexington and Concord, they did not meet many militiamen from the towns Dawes visited. Why? In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell suggests that whereas Revere was a "connector," blessed with "unique social skills," Dawes was an ordinary man lacking Revere's social network.

Today, we'd call Revere an influencer. He'd have thousands of Twitter followers and............ READ MORE

Just read this article and really liked it. It is becoming evident that all professionals will succumb to social media, marketing and networking to get business done in the future. What that looks like yet, we can only imagine, but early adopters will be the biggest winners

I do not advocate wasting all your time learning all the new tools and services, but you have to spend some. As a CRE Professional I would have you start with LinkedIn. Learn it, use it. Try to keep in mind that you do not have to link with the world. You can localize.

We will continue to talk about this subject so that we can all learn how to use these tools together. - JW

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