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Cap Rate Trends - How will the CAP Rates Affect the Markets in 2013?

REIS Reports Market Watch: Cap Rate Trends

Apartment Market

We expect a slight decline in cap rates during 2013 given the accommodative monetary policy, strong fundamentals, and interest in the sector.

The mean cap rate declined by 20 basis points
The Q4 mean cap rate now stands at 6.2%

Office Market

We expect cap rates to be virtually unchanged during 2013 as investors wait for improvement from the economy and space markets before becoming more aggressive on pricing.

The mean cap rate declined by 70 basis points
The Q4 mean cap rate now stands at 7.0%

Retail Market

We are not projecting much if any change in retail cap rates during 2013.

To See the original Data and to get more information go to Reis Reports


Capital Markets Briefing Q4 2012 - Part One from Reis Reports


REIS Reports Cap Rate Trends Report shows that CAP Rates are flattening or stabilizin for 2013. What does this mean for the markets?


I would like to hear your views.....



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