Are you coming up short on your cash equity requirement on your acquisition? Now you can get your project funded with Matrix Wealthbuilder Crowdfunding Platform™

MATRIX  WealthBuilder Platform can provide capital for high quality multi-family opportunities where an experienced sponsor may be short on their cash equity requirements.  Projects requiring an additional $1M to $10M will be listed on our Wealthbuilder Crowdfunding Platform™. Our Wealthbuilder Crowdfunding Platform™ finds investors for your project, manages the entire investment process, and manages the back office, accounting, and reporting requirements.. Every request for financing is carefully underwritten and rated by our team of experienced commercial real estate underwriters and professionals. MATRIX will underwrite the financing request and confirm the project is viable. Our process is extremely selective, less than 2% of finance requests we receive are accepted onto the MATRIX Wealthbuilder Crowdfunding Platform™. If your project is selected for capital raise and financing, you and your investors can be assured the project is the “Best of the Best”.
MATRIX will do more than just “list” your project on our portal.

  • We can underwrite and assemble a complete and thorough “Deal Book” for potential investors to review
  • We confidentially market your project to our extensive database of HNW (high net worth individuals), family offices, individual investors, pension funds, and life insurance firms. Typical turn time to complete the subscription and cap raise is 90 days. Typical time to underwrite and set up is 30 days – this means no more long delays trying to find financing and a lender to fund your project
  • Our MATRIX Wealthbuilder Crowdfunding Platform™ will:
  • Manage all back office support and operations including:
  • Provide Investor accreditation and verification
  • Manage all Investor Communications
  • Manage Investor Disbursements
  • Manage Regulatory Compliance
  • Email Marketing of project
  • Email notifications of project progress
  • Branded Corporate Presentation

So you can spend your precious time focusing on the successful completion and management of your project.

The per project cost to the project owner is a $10K* for a one time set-up fee on our Wealthbuilder Crowdfunding Platform™; the set-up fee is paid after we underwrite and approve the deal for placement into our Wealthbuilder Crowdfunding Platform; and $5K* per month servicing fee for 90 days or until project is 100% subscribed - no more typical long drawn out delays while searching for financing.

Terms and Pricing are subject to change and are dependent on the quality of the projectFor additional information on how to raise capital for your project please contact
Christopher Mauss
Director of Business Development
Matrix Realty Holdings, LLC
BDM - AuctionAdvisors
Registered Office: 317-319 Ampthill Road, Bedford, England, MK42 9RD
Registration Number: 03690656 England
T:+44 1213 680 310
F:+44 1213 680 320

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Comment by Tommy on February 28, 2017 at 9:10am

We are Providers of all types of BG and SBLC with the best workable procedures. Our BG/SBLC ranges from MT799, MT760,(Both two way confirmation), MT103/23, MT103 (Both can be one way confirmation and two way confirmation) in USD and EUROS. Issuing Bank ranges from Top world 25 banks with face value ranging from 1M EUROS/USD to 5B EUROS/USD

Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and cases to our attention and in complete confidence we will work together for the benefits of all parties involve

For further details contact us with the below information Thank you.

Contact Person: Mr. Tommy Champion
Skype ID: trustco.financeplc

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