Nobody has asked me about the new advertisments on this site, but I have added a few lately and changed some around.

First you may have noticed this site is free. I am not poor or hurting as bad as some I know, but I can't do this for free. It takes too much time to run something like this.

I need the site to pay for itself. It has not at this point. In order to grow it into something that really delivers great service and functionality I will need to get it to generate a few bucks.

It is not easy to get affiliate links. I know you see them everywhere so it seems easy, but check out the crap that is out there. Better sites get better links so I am constantly fighting to get the biggest well know companies to allow me to park their ads on this site. You would think that with the state of things they would pay you to place the ads. They do not. In fact I have to fight to get the good ones and if I get no sales they can shut them down without notice which has happened on more than one occasion.

I try not only to get the best quality links to services for you, but I try to make it stuff you will need like Office supplies, best of the best computer software and other things. My wife likes Sephora so you will probably see that here and now you know why. is an excellent company that I have bought from for years. I use for my domains, but Register has a couple of my older ones and is a great company.

Anyway if you have any special needs you would like to see.... Let me know. If you have a great and exceptional Commercial Real Estate Product then let's talk about your affiliate program.


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