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The Proven Formula

Land Banking is the proven wealth building strategy of acquiring pre-developed land in the growth path of a major metropolitan center; waiting for its value to mature, and then selling it for a significant profit.

GreenDeed is carefully researched and selected pre-developed land for the specific purpose of land banking. All GreenDeed parcels are purchased with a grant deed, fee simple and title insurance.

GreenDeed provides individuals with:

Land ownership purchased with a recorded grant deed, fee simple and title insurance.

An opportunity for a safe and profitable alternative for building a retirement nest egg, paying for a child’s or grandchild’s or education, creating an enduring legacy.

Owning GreenDeed In Your IRA

You no longer have to rely on the stock market “roller coaster” with your retirement dollars and hope the time is right. Did you know that section 408 of the IRS tax cod opened the door for you to roll over your IRA (Traditional, SEP, SIMPLE, or Roth) as well as some qualified 401k, Solo 401k and 403b plans into real estate without additional cash or tax penalties?

Watch this video Email me to set up a 1-on-1 for more info!

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