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News in housing - A Great Time for Real Estate Investment

The past few days have been interesting. Home construction is up, but new home sizes are much smaller now. I expect this is the new normal. Rates have dipped below 5% at least briefly. This should give new momentum to the resale and new construction market but is likely to wane as rates rise. At the same time foreclosures are surging, short sales are surging, and affordability has never been better for investment.

On the economic front corporate profits are surging, consumer debt… Continue

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2010 Is Shaping Up as an Interesting Year for Residential Real Estate

Construction is up. Construction is down. Housing prices are falling (or not). Who know where business is headed? For our part, we believe that residential real estate is on a course of sustained demand. We are less clear about implications for value and construction, but demand is bound to go upward with the demographic pressure we see as long as the economy doesn't implode.

  • Boomers are entering a period of increased rentership.
  • Lending requirements are…

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Investor Education in the Residential Invesment Property Area Is A Huge Value

If you join the International Residential Real Estate Investors Association, you will receive a free pod cast on a sure fire method to earn cash flow, close an investment, and start your real estate investment portfolio plus a pod cast explaining why we have added an online investment club.

Did you know that condo prices have fallen to a point you can earn sure fire returns investing in this space. Learn about this and more at… Continue

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The IRREIA (International Residential Real Estate Investors Association) is seeking group sponsors

I'm building a real estate investing association ( and looking for group sponsors. Many of you have networks with many appropriate contacts for this association. Will you


Do you have ideas about how we should develop sponsors?

Being a sponsor entails:

1) Providing your list of contacts,

2) Allowing us to eliminate anyone we feel is unlikely… Continue

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Letter of Intent (LOI) Guidelines for Multifamily property

I've recently added letter of intent guidelines and will add a sample letter of intent to our BASIC member area tomorrow. You can check it out at

Having a good LOI is a critical element of your acquisition process. The LOI establishes business terms and serves to guide behavior until the formal sales contract is completed.

Good hunting!

Blake Ratcliff
The Real Estate Investor

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Residential Rental Real Estate - New group for serious cash flow focused residential real estate investment

I've created this group as a compliment to our site where we are focused on providing useful tools, information, and education on the same subject. Check it out at your convenience. - The International Residential Real Estate Investors Association

Also, let me know topics you would like to see covered with research, analysis, tools, commentary, or education.

Blake Ratcliff

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International Residential Real Estate Investors Association - A site for tools, education, information and support investing

Focusing on cash flow based residential investing including apartments, rental homes, mobile home parks, etc. The site offers information and tools assisting investing. Founded in January, the site is enjoying rapid growth.

As a member of CREPIG, you may find our site useful. Tools and information added so far include:

  • A Quick Project Analysis tool - delivers estimate of Net Operating Income, Internal Rate of Return, Cash on Cash results and much…

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"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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