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Please Send The Package

When borrowers and brokers send us a request for commercial real estate funding, we always respond with questions. Every loan request that comes to us is in raw form and needs to be prepared for lender review.

Commercial Loan Packaging 

This is our job and we are pretty good at it. The most common…


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Apartment Construction Market Shows Signs of Improvement

Markus & Millichap Reports

Apartment Demand Up, Despite Unemployment

Even with uncertain economic indicators and slow hiring, rental housing demands are increasing.  Conditions remain favorable for multifamily markets…

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Sent from my SmartPhone

Thank you for taking time to read this blog. You certainly could be doing other things and you most likely appreciate reading a message that is well articulated, with proper use of grammar and correct spelling and punctuation. I spent time thinking about the points I wanted to highlight and proofread my draft before publishing it on the website. I hope you find this article thought provoking and entertaining.…


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CRE Private Lending Opportunities Increase in 2012

It’s an exciting time for the Private Commercial Lending industry. 2012 trends are showing growth for commercial investments and many regional and local banks have started lending again for commercial projects. The demand for private money is still very high as the banks and mortgage companies are still avoiding construction and land development. Also the recent years’ lack of funding for notes coming due and distressed properties has left the door open for Hard Money Lenders and Equity…


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Fishing for Borrowers

This article was originally written as part of the TOP 10 Funding agent training materials. I thought this information may be valuable to others in the industry, so I decided to publish this on our Blog and other sites.


I recently watched a TV commercial for a local bank. At first I thought the ad was for a travel website, because…


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TOP 10 Funding is Expanding its Agent Team


Honolulu, HI, April 18, 2012 – TOP 10 Funding, based in Honolulu, HI is looking for talented sales and marketing professionals to represent the company as independent agents.…


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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

You are probably wondering what the title of this article has to do with the business of Private Lending for Commercial Real Estate. I was listening to the Tom Petty song and thought about the important attributes of commercial real estate brokers. In our business, success comes from being patient and understanding…


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TOP 10 Deal Killers

Commercial lending, for the most part is based on the value and performance of the commercial assets used as collateral. Because of the focus on the asset performance, many borrowers expect commercial loans to be non-recourse.

Most borrowers are optimistic investors leaving much to chance. Most private lenders are bullish and use mathematical models to provide risk…


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And the Answer is...

Have you applied for a commercial loan lately? Most banks are not doing commercial loans and others just wait forever to give you an answer. They don’t want to lose you as a customer and they really don’t want to fund your project.

Commercial loan brokers are aware of the painfully long process of closing a loan for commercial real estate. The process will take several months…


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The Big Taboo in Private Lending for Commercial Real Estate

My wife, Monalisa and I just celebrated our 24thanniversary. She is my soul mate and I could never have found a better person to spend my life with. We have truly loved and respected each other all these years and are the perfect match.

The Perfect Match

By now you know that I am an Agent representing Private Lenders for Commercial Real…


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The Key to the Private Lending Vault

As a private lender for commercial real estate, I receive requests everyday for loans and equity partnerships. On average, about 1 out of 100 is presentable to the lender and 1 out of 25 of those is fundable. If you are a broker or an investor looking for a loan for a commercial real estate purchase or refinance, you could save yourself some time and frustration by giving the… Continue

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The Art of Writing an Executive Summary for Private Lending

I usually start my blogs out with something amusing to get the readers’ attention.

This time I thought the picture makes a great point. Every business plan is good for something – then there’s that whole perceived value thing.  This article will give some tips to creating an executive summary…


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CRE Private Lending – A Performance Based Industry

People from New Jersey sometimes have a unique way of getting their point across. In the commercial real estate and finance business, individuals are gruff and take crap from no one.


I grew up in Woodbridge, NJ, which is about 30 minutes by train to NYC. When my Mom was walking out the door, if we asked where she was going, her response was typically something like, “Up the pig’s ass for a ham…


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Investing in Multifamily Real Estate – Where’s The Beef?

Investing Multifamily Real Estate

Where’s The Beef?


I recently went to a networking meeting where a young real estate investor spent about thirty minutes talking about how investing in multifamily real estate is making him wealthier than he ever imagined. He claimed to get into the business with no cash using other people’s…


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Commercial Real Estate – Best Hedge against Inflation

Commercial Real Estate – Best Hedge against Inflation

According to the National Real Estate Investor website, the outlook for real estate investments in 2011 is optimistic. “An improving economy combined with a thaw in the capital markets and limited new supply led to a big…


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