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Need Help or Does Someone You Know Need Help with Credit?

I just added a business to my portfolio to help those with bad credit.  It's Called CFAM Credit Solutions and they have been in business over 10 years helping people all over the US except Colorado and So. Carolina..  Licensed and bonded. If cash is not king, you need credit to acquire properties and although they look at the property to provide the income, credit still comes into play.  Go to my website…


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Loan Needed for Client

My client needs a short-term loan at approx. 86% very quickly.  $50K as a 2nd and will cross collateralize.

Credit isn't great, but son can qualify.

I have all the details on the loan.

If this is something you can do, please contact me asap.



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Needed Lender for $10.5 M antique and classic cars

Dealership with $10.5M in free and clear classic cars needs loan for 55-60%.

If you can loan or know someone who can, please let me know asap.



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REOs and NPNs directly from seller or seller rep in CA, AZ, NV and also FL, TX and NY.


Please get back to me asap.





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Looking For!!!

Looking for the following:   

Multi-family in TX, Minimum 8 cap.


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Loan or JV partner needed for large buildings in Milwaukee

2 buildings in Milwaukee with great demand for housing are ready to be converted and built out.

Looking for JV or direct lender to build out the two properties.  They would build either multi-family or upscale youth lofts in the 2 buildings.   Not necessarily student housing.

250,000 square feet in Lindsay building and 120,000 square feet in Walsh and will take approx.$25M…

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Looking For!!!

Broken or incomplete condo Developments in FL, CA or AZ.


Also, want apartments in CA, AZ, TX, FLA, OR.  Either in good areas or need an upside if they are distressed.


Must be a distressed sale and you must have them for sale yourself or be direct.  No IM's.  Open on the price, but has to be good and not looking for top dollar.


Please contact me at if you have any of these.

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Needed ASAP!

Need asap and you must be direct or a bank or asset manager, etc.


Prefer 100+ units multi-family NPNs, REOs, etc.  Wants distressed properties anywhere in the US but doesn't want C-D properties in C-D areas.  Prefer decent areas of distressed properties.


NO IM's.


This is my direct buyer and he wants direct property only.


Will want to speak to either the AM, Bank or seller directly.


Also, looking for other…


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My direct client is looking for distressed apts or notes for apts (possible mixed-use OK) anywhere in the US.  Over 100 units.


You must be direct or selling yourself.


My client performs but need as much info as possible.


Will sign NCND.





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Need REOs

Looking for SFRs in AZ and N. CA.  Have 2 buyers and prefer REOs in bulk.


If you are direct to a seller or bank and have these available, please get back to me asap.





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Need distressed M/F properties nationwide

We are looking for distressed properties nationwide where we can deal directly with the owner or bank, etc.  Not through IM's as we are direct to buyers, as well as for ourselves and ultimately they want to speak directly to the source.


They have the funds to perform.


Additionally, looking for hotels in good locations nationwide with good prices, CA REOs and nationwide SFR REOs.


Please contact me if you have these…


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Hedge Funds forming

Commodity, Quantitative Investing, REO Hedge Fund Startup

Seeking $25M- $500M Investments to be invested into:


Commodities, Oil/Gas/Renewable Energy, Technology, Business Acquisitions, Commercial Real Estate/ Distressed bank REO and NPNs, hotels, etc. Ownership ranging from 15-40%.  


Initial Seed Capital of $100M already raised/pledged. Seeking additional investments. Current investors range from MetLife, Prudential Real Estate, Och Ziff and many…


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Wanted Commercial


SINGLE TENANT RETAIL / INDUSTRIAL / OFFICE nationwide, OLDER WALGREENS / CVS WITH 2 TO 5 YEARS LEFT ON LEASE must have good sales / good demographics / high cap,  GROCERY ANCHORED CENTERS, nationwide FREE STANDING SUPERMARKETS, nationwide CLASS A APARTMENTS 200+ UNITS nationwide & NYC / BOSTON, GSA OFFICE - $5M+ nationwide,  NPN / REO - COMMERCIAL ONLY - $5M to $100M+ east coast & major metro.



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Seeking $10MM loan

Client has several loan commitments for a loan of $2.5B against a blocked funds of $1B, seeking $10M to secure blocked funds which will be issued within 72 hours of payment along with loan issued within 5 business days of issuance of blocked funds.


Client can do a downpayment of 10-20% immediately through a major bank in US. Can be collateralized by gold and natural minerals in a bonded warehouse along with loan commitments to serve as collateral.


If you are a…


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Need CA properties NOW!

I have a buyer looking for REOs or great prices on commercial and bulk property sales for single family and multi family units.  No limit.  Maximum prices on bulk sales is 65 + 3 but prefer less.


Prefer California, but will also look at FL, TX, AZ, NV, CO  and NY for all.  Also interested in NPNs for commercial.  No Mom & Pop.


I am direct and you should be also.


What do you have?





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2 Large Milwaukee Office Bldgs NOT on Market

I have just been given 2 large Milwaukee office buildings + parking lot.…


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Wanted Lender


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Wanted: Nationwide

We're seeking to buy old factories/food plants and refineries that have equipment still available in them. We want to buy the… Continue

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NPNs and REO's Commercial

I am direct for some individual commercial NPNs and REO's.


They are nationwide.


If you are a buyer or direct to a buyer looking for some of these, please get back to me.





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CA Reo's Needed asap!

Looking for CA REO's.  Have 2 buyers.  One looking for S. CA and one for the entire state.


Will take commercial or resiential.


Need immediately!!  Must be able to close this week.


NO IM's.





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"Early Adopter Upside with 90% Downside Protection" Sale is now live with up to 6X bonuses


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