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Felicia Norman posted an event

Leading Your Team to Excellence at Online!

December 12, 2018 from 1pm to 2pm
Today's multi-generational workforce requires leaders to be clear, concise and walking the talk when it comes to productivity, teamwork, and putting the resident first. This webinar will provide you tools, tips, and processes to create a synergistic team, lay out clear expectations and goals and proactive problem solving. Key take-aways will be:~~> Learning a process for coaching and feedback~~> Setting clear expectations for your team or organization~~> Leading multi-generations …See More
Dec 3
Felicia Norman posted an event

Sales Psychology Hacker Class at Online!

December 5, 2018 from 1pm to 2pm
Hack into sales psychology and sell better! The sales process is not about you, it is about learning all that you can about your perspective client. It means getting and feeling connected to the product you are selling and believing in how it can help a person in their life. Sometimes it even means referring prospects to another product/community because it is truly the right decision for them, and you want to be seen as a trusted and informed sales person, with the big picture in mind. …See More
Nov 27
Felicia Norman posted an event

30 Days To A Better Online Rep at Online! https://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/betteronlinerep

November 14, 2018 from 1pm to 2pm
All too often, disgruntled customer sentiment gets magnified online, so it is crucial to properly manage your online reputation!  In 30 Days To A Better Online Rep, I will lay out a plan with steps to improve your online reputation across multiple review platforms. I will include practical advice for site staff and regional marketers alike including examples and actionable tips, tools to use, contests that work, and why a perfect 5-star rating is not the end goal. I'll cover how to improve a…See More
Nov 5
Felicia Norman posted an event

Legit Leadership: 10 Leadership Hacks in 60 Minutes! at Online! https://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/10leadershiphacks

November 7, 2018 from 1pm to 2pm
John Maxwell said it best, "Everything rises and falls with leadership!" If you look at a high-performance team you'll probably find a high-performance leader; if you see a low-performing team, the odds are that there is a low-performing leader. Want more proof that leadership is crucial? Gallup says that 70% of employees are disengaged at work; and that more than 70% of people who leave their jobs do so because of their boss NOT because of the job itself! OUCH!!Need more proof? Did you know…See More
Oct 29
Felicia Norman posted an event

Press The Easy Button! Creating a Culture of Customer Service at Online! https://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/cultureofcustomerservice

October 24, 2018 from 1pm to 2pm
From policies to procedures to practice, why does everything have to be so hard? Attend this session to improve customer and coworker interaction, reduce frustration, and enjoy a laugh or two. Packed with tips and tools, you'll leave with strategies to make life smoother for your team, your client, your customer, and ultimately yourself, while achieving the business' goals. Create a Culture of Customer Service that's Easy-Breezy and Achieves Your Goals!  …See More
Oct 11
Felicia Norman posted an event

Mastering Maintenance: Maintenance Decoded at Online! https://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/maintenancedecoded1

October 17, 2018 from 1pm to 2pm
Maintenance Decoded is how to use property statistics that are available to virtually any property or company that uses property management software to maximize their service team's performance. Workflow, work schedules, make ready schedules, preventative maintenance, proper staffing, inventory, vendor usage are just some of the things you will become more effective at once you understand how to use your property's digital blueprint. There are statistics that can show you insight to service…See More
Oct 4
Felicia Norman posted an event

What the World's Best Bosses Know about Leading Teams at Online!

October 10, 2018 from 1pm to 2pm
Before a Property Manager or Service Director became "the boss", he or she most likely began their career path in an entry level role such as Leasing Consultant or Service Technician. A lot of hard work and stellar performance led to added responsibility and promotions. Shifting from a role without leadership responsibilities to one that has them, though, can be challenging. Managing a team requires significantly different skills and habits than does being a member of the team. Research data…See More
Oct 1
Felicia Norman posted an event

Past Peak Rent Growth: 7 Strategies Guaranteed to Improve Leasing Results at Online! https://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/multifamily-events/viewevent/264-past-peak-rent-growth-7-strategies-guaranteed-to-improve-leasing-results

September 26, 2018 from 1pm to 2pm
After a record run on rent growth, it's clear that the days of 5+ percent year over year growth are behind us. Whether we're headed for a rent recession or just a period of lower rent growth is anybody's guess. Either way, multi-family operators need to adjust their strategies to deal with tougher market conditions and the lack of a highly rising tide to lift everyone's boats. This webinar will cover 7 strategies that cover the range of community-level best practices guaranteed to improve…See More
Sep 12
Felicia Norman posted an event

From "Self-ies" to "Us-ies”! 10 Sure Fire Tips to Amazing Customer Service at Online!

September 12, 2018 from 1pm to 2pm
With all we do for our customers today and they STILL aren’t happy? REALLY?! Sound familiar? Creating value for these higher rental amount increases is definitely a perceptional concept. What we “think they want” VS “what they REALLY want” can be diametrically opposing viewpoints. Putting together resident retention plans that don’t pan out, or fail to impress your residents can literally be a waste of time, effort, and money. The customer’s perception is YOUR reality. Rick Tate, Author of…See More
Aug 30
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The Power of Persuasion - Improving Your Personal Influence To Boost Sales Success at Online! https://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/boostsalessuccess

August 22, 2018 from 1pm to 2pm
Influential people are successful people. They know not how only HOW to sell to anyone, but they can even help set the stage so their persuasive techniques are even stronger than ever. Learn what it takes to master ethical persuasive selling in this fast paced webinar. You'll learn the best techniques as well as how to apply them on the job. This class was one of the top rated sessions at last year's NAA Education Conference; make sure you don't miss out! …See More
Aug 15
Felicia Norman posted events
Jul 26
Felicia Norman posted an event

Voice of the Employee - Listening Before They Leave at Online! https://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/multifamily-events/viewevent/258-voice-of-the-employee-listening-before-they-leave

July 13, 2018 from 1pm to 2pm
In this session, we'll explore the sky-high cost of employee turnover, how multifamily turnover compares to the national average, the direct connection between employee and resident turnover, the impact Corporate Social Responsibility practices have on employee engagement, as well as the looming impact of employee generated reviews. The good news? We'll share three powerful strategies companies can implement immediately to positively impact the employee experience and long-term engagement.  …See More
Jul 13
Felicia Norman posted an event

How To Close Everyone! Toni Blake's Must Have Leasing Toolkit at Online! https://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/closingeveryone

July 11, 2018 from 1pm to 2pm
This program provides your leasing team programs and plans for leasing to everyone! An exit survey was conducted of apartment renters, and 74% said they were NOT invited to rent. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Toni Blake’s must-have leasing tool kit will share easy to use leasing tools created to close everyone. In this powerful webinar, Toni will show you how to stage the close in every target apartment with her Self-Closing Apartment Cards and invitation stations. Find out how to stop them from leasing…See More
Jul 2
Felicia Norman posted an event

Making the Most of Your Make Ready Process at Online! https://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/makereadyprocess

June 20, 2018 from 2pm to 3pm
It can be a scramble during the make ready process to get units ready from one resident to the next. If team members don't have a formalized plan, there is a greater chance for vacancy loss, reduced NOI, and a chance to make a poor first impression on new residents. Don't risk a damaged reputation because of your turn process. Sign up for this webinar and you'll learn how to:~~> Synchronize your leasing, maintenance, vendor, and management team members for success  ~~> Leverage technology…See More
Jun 12
Felicia Norman posted an event

Overcoming Objections to Rent Increases at Online! https://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/overcomingrentincreases

June 6, 2018 from 2pm to 3pm
For decades, multi-family housing focused on getting new renters, often neglecting retention of existing residents. Here is a rude awakening:It costs 5 times more to get a new renter than it does to keep the one you’ve got.  With so many new properties creating stiff competition, and rent increases that residents deem excessive, it is critical to rethink the process of renewing a resident while asking for a rent increase.  This session covers:~~> Ways to successfully reason and communicate…See More
May 25
Felicia Norman posted an event

SMARketing- Low Cost, No Cost Marketing Strategies at Online! https://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/marketingstrategies

May 23, 2018 from 2pm to 3pm
One of our most requested and engaging courses! Are you looking for tried and true methods for finding your community's hidden marketing potential? This course comes from first-hand experience with our past and current in the-trenches experience on-site with market comparison studies, effective outreach methods, direct mailers, building value, resident retention, lease-up, and, of course, fun and low, no-cost marketing methods.  …See More
May 7

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