A SCAM OR NEGLIGENCE - You need to decide!

Loan scams happen when a victim is asked to pay an upfront fee for a loanOnce this fee is paid, the victim does not hear back from the company again or hear mostly excuses and the loan is never received.

Did this happen to you???

This is the place to share your complaints about companies or individuals, so other in the industry will be aware of these incidents and be more cautious.


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Comment by Jude G Regev on October 3, 2016 at 10:31pm

Tony Baldwin - SCAMMER OR NEGLIGENT - You need to decide!

If you come across a broker named Tony Baldwin or Anthony K. Baldwin from ERHCAP, LLC or from Erhcap.com, who presents himself as a Senior Director or as a Director of Board of billions of dollar companies and he makes you a promise he can make a quick loan to close with an inexpensive rate, this is the moment to turn and run!


The Tony Baldwin we're talking about from Atlanta Georgia claimed he does not take any upfront fees, he "only" needs a few thousand dollars to pay for his in-house underwriter and for the appraisal report. He also claims the company he works for ERHCAP (which BTW based on the evidence, shows that this company was established under his name) is a direct lender and he is going to close the deal by himself and after a while they will package this deal along with other deals and they will sell it to someone else on the secondary market… but the evidence shows a different reality.


As someone who has experienced Tony Baldwin from a first-hand I can say he has persuasive skills, he sounds very legitimate. At first, he is even acting in legitimate ways but when the money time comes, the facts show in the best case scenario he is extremely negligent or in the worst case allegedly appears to be a SCAMMER. Either way, I'll let you decide which one Tony Baldwin is, based on our experience with him:


And this is our story:

Tony Baldwin promised us to do a 75% refinance loan within 30 days at 4.99% interest rate. We asked again and again how much value he thinks we can get, and according to his In-house Underwriter named Bob (which BTW his e-mail is Bob@erhcap.com but if you’ll try to send him an email you will find out that at least according to Gmail, there is no such email account)

After the appraisal was completed (That in itself took 30 days), Tony Baldwin received a copy of the appraisal directly from the appraisal but made no contact with us for over 3 additional weeks. After many countless attempts to contact him in any way available and only after we began to threaten that we’ll expose his methods to the public, he contacted us nearly 2 months later, claiming he is looking for a lender for us who can make this loan. Here we began to understand for the first time that no only he can’t perform as a direct lender as he claims he is, he also made as us spend thousands of dollars and several months when he had no secure lenders to make the loan with.


A quick internet search can show additional complaints and warnings about Tony Baldwin how he allegedly scammed someone else with $15,000



Comment by Jude G Regev on October 3, 2016 at 10:32pm

Tony Baldwin has a LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tony-baldwin-b7240125) but he is hiding his face, but we find somewhere else a photo of him, so at least you can remember his face if you will meet him at a conference and or if he will change his name or something like that.


In addition, it seems that Tony is connected to these companies as will:

-          UC FundingDebt & Equity Investment Fund

-          Empire Realty Holdings

-          Apartmentbuysell.info

-          Empire Realty Holdings LLC



Tony have 2 address under his name:

-          1378 Arden Dr SW, Marietta, GA 30008

-          254 Martin Ridge Dr Sw GA 30064


Below Tony’s contact info:

-          tbaldwin11@hotmail.com

-          tony@empirerealholdings.com

-          tony@erhcap.com

-          770-256-0610

-          678-627-8382



I hope this information will save you from going through what we had to go through with Tony Baldwin 


Comment by Kim Crutchfield on October 14, 2016 at 7:43am

Do not do business with Donald Mansfield. He is a fraud and scammer. He took ALOT of money from me under the name of Linwood Phipps of Phipps Private Funding. When I exposed him on realestatefinance.ing.com he took himself off the site. Then after having him investigated I found him again on the site under Donald Mansfield. When I again exposed him he ran from there too and is now here. His name is neither,  it is Derek Johnson and he claims he is in Florida. Stay away from him.

Comment by Jude G Regev on October 25, 2016 at 5:03pm

Tony Baldwin works closely with other brokers and he is also active at other companies that claim they can provide loans. It is not clear to what extent these companies or his partners are part of his negligence or allegedly fraud, but during our engagement with Tony Baldwin we had witnessed that some of his associates were directly involved in our case and even made promises but still did not perform.


Thomas L. Armstead, CEO

-          Armstead Capital Inc.

-          917.570.1713

-          ArmsteadCapital@gmail.com

-          http://www.creditline1.com/ (BTW this website warns users from access to

           creditline1 website http://www.scamadviser.com/is-creditline1.com-safe.html)

-          PrivateEquityAuthority.com

-          PrivateMortgageAuthority.com

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-          HotelCreditLine.com

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Comment by Shane Adams on August 12, 2017 at 5:21am

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Comment by Robert Glen 13 hours ago


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Comment by Robert Glen 13 hours ago


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