This is my first post so go easy on me. My wife and I will be moving to Houston, Tx in the summer of 2018. Instead of buying a home we were thinking of trying to obtain a loan to build about four “tiny homes” (specifically from, but we would be up for any alternative suggestions) on a lot and use them for Airbnb’s.  I want to know if our dream is far from reality with our heads in the clouds or if this is something that we could actually do. Now I understand that building tiny homes are tough and you can’t just build them anywhere. The little cabin homes we are looking at are about 8K a piece just built not fully finished and there are also plenty of good sized lots for 30K and under in the general Houston area. I understand this is a multifaceted question so bear with me. But is it possible to A) Build tiny homes anywhere is houston at all. B) Get qualified for a construction/ commercial/ business loan with little/no down if we have good credit and 80K verifiable income and C) keep the entire project beginning to end under $200K?  Any partial answers or resources would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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