Valued Purchase Planning / Refinance with cash out options OR unload that BRIDGE


Average purchase loan 60% LTV/LTC  up to 90% LTV/ LTC  ( 2nd lien closing coverage) 

Refinance examples 78%  LTC/ LTV  with Cash Out at closing ( 2nd or ED 100%)

Term 12 months, 3 years, 15 years, 25 years and 40 years ( create a strong repayment plan)

What documentation is required for the loan?

Documentation varies depending on the loan amount and whether it is a startup or existing business.
Basic documents required for your application include:
  • Personal and business addresses and contact information
  • Personal and business tax returns and bank statements
  • Business income statement and balance sheet (if in business)
  • Purpose of loan and information about planned use of proceeds
  • Personal and business budgets and debt information
  • Documentation of other forms of income
  • If using a co-signer, their personal information
  • References
  • Pay stubs and proof of all income listed on application
  • Start ups (6 months of operation or less) will need a business plan, financial projections, start up budget, and proof of equity
Declined Commercial Loans increase with POOR Planning
Contact LTM for assistance

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