We have funding from $250K to $500 million for all kinds of commercial projects that makes good business sense worldwide, and non-owner occupied residential projects nationally from $50K to $5,000,000 or more. Credit is not an issue, the determing factor will be the strenght of the project. We do apartments, residential, construction, cash-outs, new developements, gas, oil, mom and pop stores etc. You get the picture. We do what banks won't do or can't!

Call for more information.

Michael E Williams



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Hello Mr. Williams:

I work with several projects in US and abroad some are real estate others are commodities.  Would you please tell me what are your requirements?

Yasmin Navarro

Commerical RE Advisor.


"How to Acquire 1,000 Apartment Units in the Next Five Years and Never Work for the Man Again!"


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