Are you a business man or woman? Do you need funds to start up your own business? Do you need a loan to settle your debts or pay off your bills?
Do you have a low credit score & finding it difficult to obtain capital loan from Banks and other financial institutions?
Bellview Investments Limited has a solution to your problems.
At Bellview Investments Limited, we offer legitimate and affordable loans to Genuine borrower,We give out loans at an affordable interest rate and also process within 3-5 working days depending on the amount borrowed. So if you have been turned down constantly by your Banks and other financial institutions, the opportunity is here!!!.

We offer the following kinds of loans and many more:
* Personal loans ( Unsecured Loan)
* Business Loans ( Unsecured Loan)
* Debt Consolidation Loan
* Combination Loan, Hard Money Loans
* Home Improvement
* Car Loan, real estate loans and Investment loans.


1) The Borrower must be at Least 18 yrs old
2) Even with Bad credit, we still grant loans to borrowers
3) There is no pre-payment penalty.
4) You do not need a Co-Signer
5) You must be a Citizen or have a residential permit of where you are
applying from.
6) You must have a valid national identity card or any mode of identification.

Contact us for more information on our loan program and terms at:

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Successful Deal Flow ! 

  1.      Repayment plan
  2.     A summary of the deal flow
  3.      Exit Strategies
  4.     Application and documents to support the above

Become Prepared to gain lenders approval, or Create a stronger Presentation

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