I have been a long time member of CREPIG, although silent. Shocked and saddened by JW's news, I began thinking that many who have the money backing to keep this afloat, do not have the technical expertise and are leery of buying into a technical product without that arm of support.

My core business is Agency Portal Services. It is a technology arm for many small businesses. I would be happy to partner with or support the CREPIG new management. 

You can contact me via:

email: troy@agencyportalservices.com

hangout: troy@agencyportalservices.com

skype: webseomaster

phone: 719 924 5703

Or, of course, you can leave a comment on this post.

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Hey that sounds great. You may have the time and expertise but how do you think we raise the funds?

Bill Evans

I would assume that on a site for 'investors' we might have the means to raise the funds required. 

My expertise is in the technical side of the house. I am offering support to new management. I do not know what CREPIG nets today, so I really do not know what size of funding we are talking about. 

Thanks Troy, I appreciate you reaching out and thanks for supporting CREPIG even if it was quietly.

JW Najarian

CREPIG Founder


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