startup or project loan needed? apply now. So many benefits attached to it

startup or project loan needed? apply now. So many benefits attached to it


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My client is in need of a bridge loan IMMEDIATELY! How can she apply?

Michael E Williams


Thanks Mike 

DO NOT apply without becoming Prepared  = GET a BETTER DEAL


1. repayment plan

2. experience

3. Use of Funds Summary

4. exit strategy

Once you have all 4 steps - apply to  lenders that is offering those Terms and conditions - become prepared 980 266 9556


Attached is an executive summary for the project in need of funding. A bridge loan of $25K would start the rehab of the building the city of New York, has set aside for this project. If you could provide more funds that would be greatly appreciated. Please respond as soon as you can because of the time limit for the property on Long Island.
Thank you for your consideration.
Michael E Williams

Mike --

25 k  for 3 m project based on a NON PROFIT , that is NOT raising funding with donations, looking for researched funding options for SMALL LOANS *  NO person NO Party NO borrowers and NO EARNINGS 

CONSTRUCTION LOANS need completion funds or a BOND *  SBDP ,SBA, and Mentor programs

(folks without experience and NO MONEY need a stronger PLAN) 

TOTALLY FAKE pdf  -- bye Mike


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