Sick and tired with people asking me: 1. Loan with extremely low interest 2. 100% funding with no collateral. I have news for you and start waking up. A start up project is not a collateral itself and never it will be till it is up and running. It has ZERO VALUE, until it is up and running. And if you spend all your money in papers with zero value without foreseeing to secure the funding first then you threw your money in the basket. 3. Having business plan made in their living room or no feasibility study at all. The feasibility study gentlemen is absolutely essential. It is like you having a heart/project without vain/feasibility to support it. Not to mention other more complicated studies involved in project financing case 4. Moratorium in loan payments 5. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT. No due diligence expenses which jokers in here call it upfront. So let me understand, you want everything in your basket (reminder: banks do not even open the door to you with much less favorable terms)not including the risk of spending money to build up your case from scratch. Reaching a safe legal conclusion that allows to lend you money (every legit lender in this community) still has to be to be at Lender's risk.

Everyday I get requests for low 100% financing with a super low interest rate and no collateral. These same folks don't have two nickels to rub together and have never sacrificed any of their own capital to make anything happen. They all think their idea is the next best thing since sliced bread and seriously believe there are these magic angel investors salivating over their projects. Clowns like this expect someone to drop a check in their lap. But what happens when things go awry? Well no skin off their nose. They just run for the hills while whatever schmuck they conned deals with the aftermath. Real investors/capital sources would never entertain such nonsense-even the panel on Shark tank asks everyone "How much of your own money have you put into this".

There sadly are individuals who need to get a grip on reality.Too many dreamers and not enough skin in the game these days. It is crazy so many of them provide ill prepared project summaries and want you to give them hundreds of millions without taking part of the risk who does that!!! Borrowers who want loan only on Papers and not on genuine security not willing to share risks. Dreams are nice but only if realistic. We do not talk about an idea you had in your bathroom but papers build in your toilet. Those papers are considered by you valuable? Because in financing market those are junk.You expect a cheque of 50m without having the smell of the risk?

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