Would you or your bank clients have interest in selling assets through our firm utilizing our trading and due diligence platform www.Carltonexchange.com ?


My team can help your organization achieve your 2011 Loan Disposition goals utilizing a number of services that we provide.  The services are as follow:


  • Valuation and Pricing of your Loan or REO residential and commercial portfolios “free of charge”


  • Disposition of your loan or REO assets using one of the following three strategies;
    • One-off negotiated sales on larger assets
    • Bulk or pooled asset sales for groups of assets


  • Individually through our CEX MLS, which is First Come First Serve, BUY NOW platform, , is effectively an “E-Bay Buy It Now” process and our CEX MLS resulted in over 600 small balance commercial loan sales just last year alone for a top 15 bank (overall, we closed over 1,000 asset sales last year). CEX Loan MLS encourages bidders to bid immediately either individually on assets or through bidder selected “mini pools,” which allows investors to be more aggressive because they are bidding on what they want to buy. In addition, our CEX MLS creates urgency and emotional bidding because investors are concerned that if they wait too long, they will be outbid by other investors Portfolio Maintenance Services.


Attached is information on our firm and some of our 2010 accomplishments.


Justin R. Piasecki | Senior Vice President

Carlton Group, LTD

Carlton Advisory Services, Inc.

560 Lexington Avenue, 10th Floor | New York, NY  10022

Tel:   (212) 716 - 5619

Cell:  (856) 325 - 9330

Fax:   (212) 937 - 3561

Email:  jpiasecki@carltongroup.com

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