Seeking private equity capital, compelling multi-family deals, 10%+ CoC, 20%+ IRRs, paying referral fee

Does anyone know institutional or HNW equity investors seeking
compelling multi-family deals? We're seeing 10%+ cash yields and 20%+
IRRs. If you know interested investors, we'll pay you a referral fee.


Jared Remington

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We are always seeking private equity capital for our compelling CRE deals. What kind of JV do you have in mind? I believe I spoke with someone from your firm a few months back and I realized that your firm charges up-front fees for financing. We never pay up-front fees; only at closing. But if you have a different arrangement in mind, let's talk.


Jared Remington
cell: 801.360.7755

Joel Nathanson said:

I would be very interested in discussing a possible J/V. What is the best contact number for you?

Please advise.

Can send more detalied information of what your looking for? I might can help with your request.

Richard Hudson

We are seeking high net worth / wealthy / institutional investors for our compelling commercial real estate deals. Our deals are usually multi-family deals with cash-on-cash returns of 8%+ and IRRs of 20%+ targets. Is that something you can help fund?

Jared Remington
I just tried calling you. You can reach me at: 801.360.7755.


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