Seeking Direct Cash Buyers of Notes and Commercial Assets

Seeking direct cash buyers of residential and commercial performing and non-performing notes.

Seeking direct cash buyers for REO and Commercial Assets.

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Hello we are Buyer of Residential and Commercial NOTES. Please send me a contact phone as soon as possible.

Regards , John / 407-342-0789

Please send your reply to :

Hi Marlene,

If you have clients seeking financing to buy NPNs, we offer the following:

Minimum loan amount is $5M. If purchasers are interested we need to know the following:
1. Size of the portfolio, if applicable. Individual purchase is allowed if purchase is $5M+
2. Available discount on the portfolio.
3. Amount of equity the purchaser(s) are planning to put into the purchase.
4. Types and locations of notes to be purchased.

Send inquires to

Lathea Morris
973.509.1903 Ext. 1#


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