SBLC BG BONDS SBA and options with solution Lenders - gain PRE APPROVALS for 2020 !

 Secure loan programs / Asset Based Loans / Direct Debt / Many Solutions $$$

1 repayment planning

2. experience

3. use of funds

4. exit strategy

Average $ 2,500,000. 00 under 4 % interest

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1000's of lendings seeking READY Borrowers for easy term DEBT Solut...

Four easy steps

1. repayment plan

2. experience

3. use of funds

4. exit strategy

Example :  Refinance  80% Loan to Value with cash out at funding for Rehab/ Working Capital


2020 planning

Large Equity Partnership purchasing POWER $$$

$26 mm or larger 


* Call for an appointment

     2020 Success Planning

  1. Listing FOR Sale the company or business in 2019 / 2020
  2. Refinance or reposition for Working Capital to increase Profits
  3. Purchase or Start a New Product /Marketing / Advertising to increase Profits
  4. Exit strategy planning for Management Buy Out/ Retirement


Hi Robin. Our client requires $500,000 for 3 to 6 months for Escrow simply as verification of intent and proof of capacity. Do you have a solution for that?  Roger Brass,

1. repayment plan -- draft that states closing agent returns the $ 500, 000. 00 ( average 24 hour sent funds)
2. experience -- complete  Escrow Contact
3. use of funds -- draft or settlement contract
4. exit strategy -- if they cannot repay the funds at closing ( what protects the MONEY)
Please ask the borrower ( or their attorney or CFO or CPA)  to reply with the above
** if you need a MNDA first please call or email me ( include all the Parties information to develop a MNDA for our attorney to prepare).
Robin 980 266 9556
My Email - 



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