Saving Money with Commercial carpet tile reclamation and reuse

Saving Money with Commercial Carpet Tile reclamation and reuse

During the normal Commercial Real Estate development process. One thing is for sure you will be putting in new Commercial Carpet tiles, removing old carpet or doing both.

Commercial carpet tiles are favored over regular roll carpet due to the flexibility, and easy installation, removal process and has been an easy fix for soiled or damaged carpet areas.

Now let's say you have a 500,000 sq ft building with old carpet tile that needs to be replaced. You have it removed. But now you have to get rid of it.

Your options are disposal or reclamation services. When disposing of Commercial carpet tile. That carpet turns into 500,000 lbs of waste. Not only does it cost you alot of money to dispose of this, with trucking and waste management fee's. They fill our landfill's and cause air quality health issues.

With Reclamation you save a lot of money without a lot of hassle. At FIBR we may charge a nominal fee, depending on location, and quality. Or it could be free of charge. Then we will pickup your palletized carpet tiles. Remove them from your site. No waste management fee's, no trucking fee's. Saving a lot of money, while diverting carpet for Re Use instead of the landfill. We do offer Removal services, but in most cases if you have a crew on site. That isn't necessary.

Now you have all the flooring removed and off site. Now you need to purchase new carpet and have it installed. 

All the carpet we have is High End Commercial carpet tile. Meaning they are highly durable, High traffic rated, flame retardant with Rubber, Foam, or Glassbac backed tile. Commercial Nylon rated up to 25 years. Buying this brand new is very expensive.

You can buy used Commercial Carpet tile for a fraction of the cost. When we sell Commercial carpet tile it is in Great Condition. If we receive carpet that is not suitable for Re Installation, we send these through the recycling process. 

You could be paying up to $8 per SQ FT for High End opposed to $0.62 for Used Carpet in excellent condition.

I hope this article has helped you. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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